24/30 classical electronic

sarah davachi – two sisters

Two Sisters doesn’t march to the beat of a procession—Davachi conjures her own, singular atmosphere. Her nameless solemnity, drawn from centuries-old influences, gives rise to a kind of occult fear. The record manages to outlive fashion by incorporating such rich, untouched histories and arranging them below a spacious drone. The organs, for which the composer is known, blanket ‘Two Sisters’ in aged religious dread—what could have been simply disconcerting evolves into existential fright. It is as though Davachi has stumbled upon a small door at the side of an old church and discovered, in a cobwebbed room, a gallery of ecclesiastical horrors. The effect is profound.


A favourite: ‘Alas, Departing’

‘Two Sisters’ is out now via Late Music.

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