23/30 electronic experimental funk punk synth

grotto terrazza – kalte k​ö​stlichkeiten

A stylised, sharp, mid-century album cover will often precede a dry, synth-pop experience—it’s the go-to aesthetic for the scene. However, Grotto Terrazza has the eccentricity to angle away from formula and towards his own voice. Kalte Kö​stlichkeiten is tight, engaging, and sincerely bizarre. There are so many words to call it: drum machine punk, chipmunk hyper-pop, cold-wave, Neubatenesque art-wave. It’s like you’ve been given a flyer to a party in Berlin’s underground by a wandering goth and her beat poet boyfriend. Throughout, there’s a detached starkness that is boldly heated up by warm synths and upbeat motions. Fun.

A favourite: ‘Krank in Der City’ 


‘Kalte K​ö​stlichkeiten’ is out now via Maple Death Records. 


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