26/30 album of the week hip-hop

roc marciano, the alchemist – the elephant man’s bones

I first heard this record while cycling uphill, one cheap bud dangling out of my earhole. I didn’t get it. No shit. I got home and put it on the speaker. There we go. From the top. An insidious fog descends when TEMB is allowed to immerse; the tracks appear in and out of the mist like passing, phantom strangers. Meanwhile, The Alchemist’s production inspires an obstinate curiosity. The piano samples lure the atmosphere into beautifully stylised, 1940s snapshots. Roc Marciano then enters the monochrome freeze frames with smooth, cynical bars. In 40 minutes, we transport through confession rooms, alley ways, and safehouses in a guileful tour de force. 


A favourite: ‘Bubble Bath’

The Elephant Man’s Bones is out now via ALC, Marci Enterprise, EMPIRE.

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