23/30 hip-hop

your best friend jippy, dan o – fresh tracks for autodidacts

The duo of American space age cartoonishness and lo-fi hip-hop has been a romance of the century; there are few better examples of how, as a composite part of its package, the aesthetics around an album inevitably inform the music. It is one of MF Doom’s great legacies. Perth’s your best friend jippy has a gorgeous, stylised approach that might be called a brand if that didn’t dilute its artistic qualities. It’s been a while since music like this felt fresh; Jippy’s acidic, Aussie flow guides lo-fi hip-hop away from advertisement fodder or study music. This is an endlessly fun, versatile tape. 


A favourite: ‘The Big Idea’

‘Fresh Tracks for Autodidacts’ is out now via Vinyl Digital GmbH.

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