26/30 latin revisited review rock

kiko dinucci – rastilho (2020)

Volatile and probing, Rastilho flew out of Mais Um Records like a rusty harpoon. Dinucci interacts with power in two ways: to honour forces such as Oxosi (the spirit associated with hunting, forests, animals) or to honour those felled by political might. Further on side one, alongside the traditional opener ‘Exu Odara,’ we hear the guitarist mention learning samba from his grandma. Because of the striking playing and bare arrangements, Rastilho is deceptive in its density. As the record spins furiously over to side two, a punk Brazilianism assumes rough control, with dedications to real-life bandits, Angolan princesses, and the country’s musical legends pouring out. 


A favourite: ‘Tambú e Candongueiro’

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