23/30 americana country folk rock

lee bains + the glory fires – old-time folks

Lee Bains seems to write like it’s physical exercise. Having negotiated the hegemonic politics of the South with his own views, the singer-songwriter sounds assertive and assured. Although the album does lack its own unique school of thought, The Glory Fires’ energetic drive aligns with Bains’ gushing words to form a high-octane road trip across the United States. More, the album evokes a sense of the domestic: back-porches, gardens, barbeques. It’s almost enough to be a cultural distillation, if the method of sonic transport wasn’t a little outmoded. But mode is an indication of receptiveness, not calibre, and Old-Time Folks is constructed with strong, quality craft. 

A favourite: ‘The Battle of Atlanta’


‘Old-Time Folks’ is out now via Don Giovanni Records.

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