25/30 album of the week latin salsa

meridian brothers – meridian brothers y el grupo renacimiento

This record is so many things at once, gyrating in different directions, but somehow synchronous. Synchronous, but off-key. Off-key but melodically charged. Charged but humorous and light. Light but poison-tipped. Poison-tipped but joyous. You understand me: this is brave music. The vocals brim with a quality that seeks to exhibit the full capacity of the throat, from gravelly to speckless. The band’s instruments sound almost drunk—to be sure, the charismatic, tipsy, if a little odd, kind. At times, as on ‘Triste son’, MB&EGR sounds like it was born in a dizzying, medieval theatre. A salsa album will not test the ears or psyche more for a while


A favourite: ‘Bomba Atómica’

‘Meridian Brothers & EL Grupo Renacimiento’ is out now via Ansonia Records.

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