21/30 dubstep electronic jazz jazz fusion

joe armon-jones, mala – a way back

On a fascinating collaboration, Joe Armon-Jones and Mala play with their lighter sides without sacrificing the undercutting darkness of dub. It’s central pitfall is that it works with the odds: the stakes are low and the payoff is expected. But it would be rude to say too much more—this is a gently titillating listening experience that refreshes one’s mind of the versatility of both dubstep and jazz. The former is unlikely to undergo another revolution that isn’t set in motion by frat bros. Paired with the latter, it takes on a fresh appeal. But at just 21 minutes, ‘A Way Back’ feels much closer to a curious suggestion than a core tenet.


A favourite: ‘A Way Back’

‘A Way Back’ is out now via Aquarii.

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