24/30 bass electronic experimental


Bass has sifted the pockets of its sub-genres for decades, perpetually in search of a fresh direction. But like a recent graduate with strict, expectant parents, the genre often falls back on a sturdy, lucrative route. Eschewing even a whiff of ‘Youtube Football Compilation Music,’ ‘SCREAMER’ plugs spirited pop melodies and a scorched, glitchy coating to the UK Bass cannon. The production is akin to a Grimes record; it could, in fact, be the more dangerous twin sister of ‘Vision’. This is a wondrous and invigorating release that encapsulates the most lucid of club moments while airing a conflict that asks undemanding questions. 


A favourite: ‘FADE_130bpm_warpstr’

‘SCREAMER’ is out now via Gloo.

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