25/30 pop revisited review rock

jacqueline taïeb – jacqueline taïeb (1967)

Jacqueline Taïeb was intimate with everything around her: rock music from across the Atlantic; the Tunisian beach where she was discovered; the extroverted ‘Frenchness’ of her delivery. On her self-titled debut album, the flamboyant expression of this well-loved artist extends into the instrumentation, where a psychedelic, baroque take on garage rock erupts. She has since stated that writing for others is what she truly desired, comparing the practice to being a tailor for a handsome man or lady. But in 1967, pushed towards singing her own tunes, Taïeb symbolised the mid-century European ‘cool’ of joyous humour and a sensual tone. 


A favourite: ‘Bientôt tu oublieras’

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