25/30 r&b revisited review soul

sam dees – the show must go on (1975)

Sam Dees just missed the mark—not in any tangible way (the title track is a little cloying, but that’s about it). A prolific, soulful songwriter behind Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston, Dees enjoyed a somewhat silent success. His name in solo terms is generally associated with soul aficionados frantically spitting the words “that’s great, but have you heard ‘The Show Must Go On???’” In a saturated field and without the genuinely astronomical talent of, say, Marvin Gaye, true appreciation demands a song to play through the end credits of a successful movie, or a heartwarming advert. ‘TSMGO’ is too lovely not to have its moment soon. 


A favourite: ‘What’s It Gonna Be’ 

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