working men’s club – fear fear

Arriving like LCD Soundsystem’s unruly out-of-town cousin, Working Men’s Club take on a sinister tone that is oddly energising. ‘Fear Fear’ was born out of the New York disco scene, gathering a Prodigy-like angle for the electronical direct on its way to the present. If the tracks are unnerving, it is only to uptight antennae worth loosening. With high-octane consistency, WMC’s sophomore record offers a refined experience mainlined by compact production, characterful bass, and a vocal delivery designed for proto-punk. ‘Fear Fear’ valorises the headless flails of dance amidst societal instability and insists that bodily motion is a way to purge the soul of external contaminants. 


A favourite: ‘Ploys’ 

‘Fear Fear’ is out now via Heavenly Recordings.

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