21/30 indie/alternative

GOON – hour of green everything

There’s a playfulness to ‘Hour of Green Everything’’s opener. It feels like a scratchy video of childhood, that is then taped over by the adolescent angst of track two. The Chris Isaak/Radiohead influence at the beginning of the album is a little on the nose, feeling like a timid recreation, hesitant to delve or truly accept itself. But while the youthful tone is undermined by very adult trepidation, the enjoyment of the record mustn’t be overlooked — “if it sounds good, it is good” as we are told. GOON’s sophomore record certainly sounds good and its flaws eventually come to read as endearing nuggets of familiar sensations.


A favourite: ‘Wavy Maze’

‘Hour of Green Everything’ is out now via démodé recordings.

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