9/30 funk r&b

stimulator jones – round spiritual ring

Here’s the thing. ‘Vibe music’ without enough personality is a drag: like a sunny day when you’re stuck inside. ‘Round Spiritual Ring’ has sufficient optimism to appear pleasant, but it offers nothing tangible to latch on to. It’s actually more like an Easter egg hunt where the organiser, albeit in earnest, forgot to put out the eggs. The writing is algorithmically artificial: it is hard to believe that the lyrics didn’t fly out of some crude generator. Jones’ percussive elements are pallid behind the ironed guitar lines. As a whole, ‘RSR’ recedes into the background without provoking any deep offence or pleasure or, actually, anything beyond a weary ‘ehh’. 


A favourite: ‘Pain Inside’ 

‘Round Spiritual Ring’ is out now via Stones Throw Records. 

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