19/30 folk indie/alternative

katy j pearson – sound of the morning

The latest offering from Heavenly Recordings features “The South West’s Princess,” Katy J Pearson, navigating that ‘tricky second album’. ‘Sound of the Morning’ is a tapas bar of styles and sounds, with Pearson seated at the center of the table, dishing out bites of folk pop goodness through her signature vocals. The Kate Bush/Aldous Harding/Jessica Pratt falsetto goes some way to tying the tracks together, but the record altogether falls short of a deeper cohesion. Though it’s a neat exploration of where KJP is planning to sit between her folk roots and the indie electronica of Ardyn, SOTM is not as settled in style as ‘Return’. Still, it’s great for playing whilst driving down the A303.


A favourite: ‘Sound of The Morning’

‘Sound of the Morning’ is out now via Heavenly Recordings.

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