21/30 pop synth

natalia lacunza – tiene que ser para mí

Spanish talent show finalist and Guitarricadelafuente collaborator Natalia Lacunza is an unmistakable talent. Despite regularly putting out work since 2019, this is her first full-length LP. It’s a smooth display of bedroom synth-pop that is at once dreamlike and concise. The mistier elements of the record—soporific vocals and washy production—do however nudge it in an inescapably hazy direction. It’s a decision that amplifies the artist’s ability to convey an assured suave, but restricts ‘TQSPM’ to a bubble of tight, amiable sound with rare gambles. Nevertheless, the dynamic drums and synth lines backbone the album gorgeously, helping to form a bursting pop experience.  


A favourite: ‘No Me Querías Tanto’

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