17/30 hip-hop r&b soul

aint afraid – heavy guarded heart

This Baltimore-born, twin sister band have been singing together since the age of two. There’s an unblemished coating on ‘Heavy Guarded Heart’ that speaks to a well-planned record and their unbreakable, sisterly chemistry. The twins sprinkle baby-making R&B over trap hi-hats and their own religious sentiments; the sheer earnestness and shimmering positivity of the record inspires hope. Despite numerous touching moments, the tracklist sinks into contrived melody, expending dated formulae and rarely supplementing that 00s R&B core. Aint Afraid are never less than likeable in their impassioned performances, but the structures they climb with enthusiasm are regularly limited and ultimately cloying. 


A favourite: ‘Ode to the Hood’ 

‘Heavy Guarded Heart’ is out now via The Twinsz.

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