25/30 album of the week hip-hop

E L U C I D – i told bessie

E L U C I D is what I believe the kids are calling ‘slept on’. On one of the year’s best abstract hip-hop records, the lesser known half of Armand Hammer takes a significant step forward in exploring the centre of his sound. If 2016’s ‘Save Yourself’ marked an aptitude for neat, lo-fi hip-hop, this latest LP is the rapper’s exhibition in undertone. ‘I Told Bessie’ is directed by an underground feel, flying low and focusing on doomy production and cutting flow. The journey begins cleanly, before E L U C I D hops in his spaceship and edges through chopped up psychedelia and distorted beats. 


A favourite: ‘Smile Lines’

‘I Told Bessie’ is out now via Backwoodz Studioz.

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