wet kiss – she’s so cool

Punk used to be something you called a deadbeat. Then it was something to do with music. Then it was something else. Now it’s an open field for transgressions of any kind: apolitical, even amoral. Maybe it was always that and the world has changed. In any case, ‘She’s So Cool’ will be one of the most distilled punk declarations this year. It’s such a thrilling listen that the disconnected lyrics gathered from Brenna O’s notes app sound congruous atop shattering instrumentals. In reality, the group battles local councils trying to kick them out. Their music crystallizes the charged air after conflict. 


A favourite: ‘Jerk’ 

‘She’s So Cool’ is out now via DERO Arcade.

(DISCLAIMER: this album is a month old at the time of writing, but I just had to)

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