shintaro sakamoto – like a fable

After departing from Yura Yura Teikoku in 2010, Shintaro Sakamoto immediately began releasing his own work. The genre-defying, lovable sounds of his first three records are difficult to dislike: at worst, they’ll be a little repetitive. On his fourth LP, Sakamoto showcases his sweetest side through reggae-ish lullabies (?) and 70’s lounge. While the influences are charmingly transposed, Sakamoto’s light touch has an aversion to musical gambling, often manifesting in mellow, neutral instrumentals. That said, the tendency towards ‘safety’ is palpably out of loving devotion to his sound rather than any fear of failure. The moments that add to his discography are those with the richest textures. 


A favourite: ‘Like A Fable’

‘Like A Fable’ is out now via Zelone Records.

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