24/30 jazz

amanda whiting – lost in abstraction

Following the success of 2021’s ‘After Dark,’ the Welsh harpist and her entourage tread between fragility and delicacy. ‘Lost in Abstraction’ is too reposeful to let its moods swamp the listener. At its most forceful, Whiting’s harp playing is a clear pluck; at it’s lightest, it’s as though she’s walking through a field of wheat and tickling the crops. That’s not to say that the album isn’t thought-provoking and explorative—it’s overall vulnerability is certainly worthy of meaningful consideration. The tempo changes across the record add an unpredictability that, once again, nudges us towards it’s lavish moments. It seems to echo bossanova with its easy-going technicality.


A favourite: ‘Venus Fly Trap’

‘Lost in Abstraction’ is out now via Jazzman Records.

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