22/30 electronic experimental

700 bliss – nothing to declare

The first LP from DJ Haram and Moor Mother is a chasm of bass and glitch. ‘Nothing To Declare’’s vision is to disrupt and unsettle; the most impressive aspects are driven energetically through bold sonic inquiry. It’s a trial and error mission which, rather than leading to a definitive conclusion, docks somewhere abstract and vast. If it has any epilogue, it is simply “go hard with conviction”. There’s a dark tint polarising the record which supplements 700 Bliss’ more grisly side, but occasionally limits its breadth. The only comfortable space for the duo is in uncertainty. Their ability to thrive inside chaotic soundscapes is imposing as it is unnerving. 


A favourite: ‘Capitol’

‘Nothing To Declare’ is out now via Hyperdub.

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