27/30 electronic house revisited review

étienne de crécy – super discount (1996)

‘Super Discount’ has slipped into cult status while the lush, hook-heavy ‘French touch’ attained commercial enormity through ‘Homework’ (Daft Punk, 1997) and ‘Moon Safari’ (Air, 1998). As a whole, this quasi-compilation lies somewhere between the two, anticipating the experimentalism of the former and the mellow expression of the latter. The record was originally intended as a ‘marketing strategy’ and the funk-disco-house welding was instantly irresistible to underground outlets. Locating the origin of a genre is a dense task and this may not be the very first of its kind. It does, however, feature the best of simple samples, innovative dance structures, and couch-sinking, laissez-faire French beats.


A favourite: ‘Prix Choc’

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