25/30 hip-hop

black star – no fear of time

Yes, I waited for the leak—no, I don’t feel bad. Sure, artists need to reclaim a sense of ownership, but dropping a £28.99 subscription paywall via a podcast network felt unimaginative. It’s a shame: Black Star’s second LP should be inescapable. The Madlib-produced tracks are expectedly tight, but doused in subtle experimentation. With ‘no fear of time’, the duo recall their debut with a darker tone that rides over Lib’s jazzy beats in a three-man canoe. Kweli’s energy is a headlining highlight, as Mighty Mos broods with legendary wisdom. Like rainwater for sun-beaten crops, this is a joyous arrival for Black Star fans. 


A favourite: ‘Supreme Alchemy’ 

‘No Fear Of Time’ is out now, exclusive to Luminary.

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