23/30 electronic house idm

various artists – ‘planet love vol. 2: early transmissions 1990-95‘

There’s a naivety to the 90s for anyone who grew up in the following decade: a feeling that the hope of technological betterment and Blair-induced promise was somehow misplaced. If anything resembles respite from a wildly changing tomorrow, it is the club music of the time. This compilation ranges from beat-less groundwork, to pumping, adrenaline-fuelled anthems. The journey explains how house music drew from disco, dub, and anything else it could seduce. Certain tracks have aged like a cheap video game loading screen, while others evoke nothing but the early morning dancefloor. All said, the ecstatic joy continues to spurt like a fountain.


A favourite: Revelation – ‘First Power – Domination Dub’

‘Planet Love Vol. 2 Early Transmissions 1990-95‘ is out now via Safe Trip.

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