25/30 album of the week experimental

Organ Tapes – 唱着那无人问津的歌谣 / Chang Zhe Na Wu Ren Wen Jin De Ge Yao

‘Chang Zhe Na Wu Ren Wen Jin De Ge Yao’ roughly translates to ‘sing the song that no one cares about.’ It’s an ideal starting point for Tim Zha to emphasise his vision, as the songs explore precisely what comprises a deeply personal experience. A searching blend of both organic and synthetic textures lights its surroundings evenly like a blank, yet bright, layer of cloud. All the while, Zha’s breath-like and chordal ambience channels a heavy vibrational quality. With it, the record seems to translate a daily search for meaning that is simultaneously detached and attentive.


A favourite: ‘how you will’

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