let’s eat grandma – two ribbons

The novelty of Let’s Eat Grandma’s pop chic was shredded on 2018’s ‘I’m All Ears’, which emphasised futuristic glitchiness and nuanced melodies. Four years on, the duo are caught reminiscing about a neater, synthier past—not enveloped in the utopian future they threatened to launch. In the context of their discography, this record doesn’t thrill with its trajectorial choice. Nevertheless, like the best of modern synth-pop, ‘Two Ribbons’ adds glamour and glitz to light-hearted writing without sounding facetious. Owing to their talent, the duo cleverly evade cliché and manage instead to adopt and enhance the agreeability of chart music with a sense of space and creativity. 


A favourite: ‘Sunday’ 

‘Two Ribbons’ is out now via Transgressive Records.

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