24/30 album of the week hip-hop

pusha t – it’s almost dry

The first album from “Coke’s Dr. Seuss” since the stellar ‘Daytona’ (2018) is a diverse, maximalist listening experience. To sustain his intensity across 40 minutes, Pusha assembles an A-List duo of Pharrell and Ye to produce thronging, glamorous beats, with superb vocal support from the likes of Jay-Z elsewhere. It’s a challenging record that asks its listener to keep up with numerous gear changes. Besides some oddly flat vocals on ‘Call My Bluff’ and a general lack of cohesion, the dynamic unpredictability of ‘It’s Almost Dry’ is powerfully entertaining. Pusha’s live wire performances are typically high-grade; all the while, the producers lavishly fortify his inventive energy. 


A favourite: ‘Open Air’

‘It’s Almost Dry is out now via Def Jam Recordings & G.O.O.D Music’

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