9/30 soul trip-hop

poppy ajudha – THE POWER IN US

Ajudha’s first single for her debut LP, ‘LONDON’S BURNING’, addressed England’s conceited patriotism within immigration policy. It is the penultimate track on the record and by a considerable distance its best. At no other point is ‘TPIU’ remotely as impactful. Though the sentiments throughout are bona fide, the surrounding packaging is either intolerably loaded or downright drab. Even the clearest notions tend to be expressed through vapid songwriting: at one point, carpet is pronounced “carpeee” so it can rhyme with “morality”. The project is broad in its pursuits, but the inordinately crammed production, exhausted interludes, and rudimentary writing thwart any lasting sensation beyond spectacular disappointment. 


A favourite: ‘LONDON’S BURNING’ 

‘THE POWER IN US’ is out now via Virgin. 

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