16/30 rock

red hot chili peppers – unlimited love

With A-list musicianship and kinky, slapping vocals, cuts like ‘Give It Away’ (1991) have embossed juvenescence for just about anyone born onwards of 1975. For the return of guitarist John Frusciante, RHCP flaunt their formula for familiarity with ‘Unlimited Love’. As with many Chili records, the adolescent lyrics and chord progressions need overlooking. Further, with the title and jam-feel, it’s hard to know how seriously we should even take certain tracks; Anthony Kiedis will spit lunatic half-rhymes and expect to convey either wisdom, or caricature. At this point, it’s not important which. This record is goofy and jovial, drawing on the band’s historic strengths, sans exploration.


A favourite: ‘Here Ever After’ / ‘White Braids & Pillow Chair’

‘Unlimited Love’ is out now via Warner Records. 

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