24/30 EP hip-hop pop soul

elsy wameyo – nilotic (EP)

Outside of her music, Elsy Wameyo is keen to proselytize on behalf of her God—“‘Nilotic’ is the byproduct of God’s grace in my life”. Lyrically, the Adelaide-based/Kenyan-born multi-talent ties personal journeys to bullish human structures, where power struggles and feelings of displacement seek to govern the individual. But for all the conflict, this debut EP is poised; the omnipresence of God is undoubtedly a calming ballast. ‘Nilotic’ is an agile whitewater raft down rivers of hardship, soundtracked by low, quivering basslines and soulful pop. The vocal performance retains the bracing cool of assurance amidst the weight of history.


A favourite: ‘Nilotic’

‘Nilotic’ is out now via Music in Exile.

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