warmduscher – at the hotspot

Remember Gal Gadot and co.’s ‘Imagine’ cover? This is an angrier performance that is almost as fruitless. Where Gal was spitting venom at the coronavirus, Warmduscher suggest that a seedy nightlife is the antidote to daily life. It’s a fun idea. ‘At the Hotspot’ seeks to evoke the seduction of dive bars but instead embodies beer-soaked carpets and obnoxious friends of friends. These are the guys you don’t want to be sat near. Funk-punk isn’t a bad vessel: it has an aged sleaze that lends itself to their intentions. However, beyond a couple highlights, this record is routinely undermined by confused instrumentals and insincere, town crier vocals. 


A favourite: ‘Super Cool’

‘At the Hotspot’ is out now via Bella Union.

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