charli XCX- CRASH (deluxe)

Whilst ‘how i’m feeling now’ (2020) explored a more confessional, experimental, ‘I,’ ‘CRASH’ pursues pop supremacy by self-destruction. Here, Charli drives along traditional pop roads and nostalgic soundscapes: using synths, organs, guitar solos, glitching and repetitive hooks, to step on the accelerator. The “real world” (relationships with fans, relationships with others) is prop-blood, even: doused on tracks to mobilise drama. Charli admits, how can ‘I’ not know what I need right now, yet knows that what the world needs is to crash, load up again, and dance. Like a video-game’s car radio station, CRASH will be driven on repeat.


A Favourite: ‘Twice’

‘CRASH’ (deluxe) is out now via Asylum Records.

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