26/30 album of the week breakcore electronic experimental hip-hop jazz psychedelic

material girl – i85mixx21-22

‘i85mixx21-22’ sounds like a crowded town meeting in which everyone is speaking in time. Material Girl secures stirring jazz, electronic, and hip-hop, cooking them together until they’re soft to touch. In the boundless chasm of sound, this sublime artist embodies a frenzied character whose underlying depth is relayed through candid lyrics and breathseizingly touching tones. That ability to clarify delirious sadness through razor-sharp, poetic composition movingly salutes the artist’s own grieving process. Throughout, Material Girl’s presence is neither hostile nor overripe: it is simply mournful, even inside textured drum and bass compositions. The vocals are sore and rattling. The record is unforgettably innovative. 


A favourite: ‘i85mixxradioversion’

‘i85mixx21-22’ is out now via No Agreements.

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