23/30 punk rock

pinch points – process

‘Process’ is the soundtrack to an aged Republican’s nightmare. On their second album, the Melbourne four-piece aim a sawn-off shotgun at everything corrupt and amoral in their eye line. Acacia Coates’ wiry, pronounced vocals are rippingly sincere, avoiding gimmickry and contrivance through the candor of the writing. Post-punk can be made intemperate by self-gratifying musical and lyrical choices, but there is something inviting about the melodious, garage-y instrumentation and homespun anger on ‘Process’. Unlike some of their contemporaries, Pinch Points don’t want to simply ironise modern tragedies or display a sanctimonious grip on right and wrong. They genuinely desire change.


A favourite: ‘Haruspex’

‘Process’ is out now via Mistletone Records. 

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