24/30 pop r&b reggaeton


There is a lot to love about a bona fide 21st century pop star subverting the facade of glory that soaks fame. This was the story of ‘MOTOMAMI’’s first single, ‘LA FAMA’. The record, ROSALÍA’s third, is imbued with an experimental, jutting personality that ostensibly belies its commercial appeal. But the truth that ‘MOTOMAMI’ conveys is much more impactful: experimentalism is appealing when fulfilled. ROSALÍA binds her objectives with an organised chaos and ambition that spreads to reggaeton and breakbeat, but also craves moments of blissful rest. On her breakout second record, ROSALÍA’s edges were sublime and soft. Here, they are sharp, targeted, and immense.


A favourite: HENTAI

‘MOTOMAMI’ is out now via Columbia Records.

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