21/30 hip-hop

LORD JAH-MONTE OGBON – here, there & everywhere

The opener to JAH-MONTE’s eighth full-length release is a nostalgic affirmation of hip-hop familiarity. It will be one of the genre’s sweetest indie track #1’s this year. Moving forward, ‘Here, There & Everywhere’ occasionally slackens into soporific beats and more predictable bars, submitting to the formula and filler design that can accompany prolificacy. When on-form, JAH-MONTE’s humour is a perfect accompaniment to the endearing soul samples, consolidating light-heartedness and a unique, ecstatic flow with appropriate energy. ‘HT&E’ is a fun record from an underground professional that leaves behind the question of what more experimentation could do for this fantastic MC.


A favourite: ‘THE SNEAKY LINK PART 2’

here, there & everywhere is out now via Goodfelons Records

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