26/30 album of the week folk pop singer-songwriter

cmat – if my wife new i’d be dead

On ‘Communion’ CMAT grows older but confesses to feeling no wiser. Two wedding rings stand between ‘I’ and her lover on ‘Peter Bogdanovic’. And then to ‘I Don’t Really Care for You’ where our protagonist pinpoints the moment she becomes ‘hateful’.

Country ballads exist, and survive, because they tell stories that leave us weeping into our whisky. CMAT draws ‘If My Wife New I’d be Dead’ from life’s brutality and from it creates joyous comedy; most of the tears smudging this writer’s journal are tears of laughter. Though uncomfortably relatable and so, entirely unforgettable, you might just shed a tear of the other type, while you line dance to the genius of CMAT.


A favourite: ‘I Wanna Be a Cowboy, Baby!’

‘If My Wife New I’d Be Dead’ is out now via @awal.

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