25/30 jazz reissue rock soul

doris – did you give the world some love today, baby?’ (1970)

A second wave of restockings at London record stores and another reissue announcement have arrived, and with them comes a reminder that an original copy of ‘DYGTWSLT,B?’ will set you back £1,000. For soon-to-be-listeners, picture Ye and Madlib deconstructing each of their samples and bringing them together in a single sound: it will come close to this beloved Swedish relic. Indeed, the latter sampler stitched the damn-near perfect ‘You Never Come Closer’ into a track for his Quasimoto project. This is jazz for jazzheads and rock for cool people. DORIS is complete in her vision, which is anything but one-dimensional. Ace.


A favourite: ‘You Never Come Closer’

‘‘Did You Give The World Some Love Today, Baby?’ was reissued in 1996 and 2021 by @mrbongoworldwide. Another reissue has been announced for May 2022.

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