kristine leschper – the opening, or closing of a door

This album has responded to my desperate calls for the flute to resume its role in folk music: track #1 is a gorgeous example of what this timid instrument can do for a mood. ‘TO,OCOAD’ sets itself apart with instrumental awe feeding directly into lyrics that suffuse delicate etchings with splendour and range. The record takes an unfortunate dip midway through, as the instrumentation bleeds through several songs in a row, but the music remains nonetheless earthy and sincere. Kristine Leschper is tuned into a chameleonic, layered sound: like a mood ring, it is up to the listener to decide whether it is wondrous or melancholy.


A favourite: ‘This Animation’

‘The Opening, Or Closing of a Door’ is out now via @antirecords.

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