yasuaki shimizu – kiren

We are now in the sixth decade of Yasuaki Shimizu’s career, which has involved work with artists from Towa Tei to Helen Merrill. Invariably, Shimizu brings a pace-conscious curiosity to musical proceedings—one which features diverse sonic expression, but which always seems to bounce off the same bizarre stage that this great artist sets. ‘Kiren’, the unreleased 1984 follow-up to ‘Kakashi’ is as strange, enthralling, and fascinating as any corner of his discography. The films of Studio Ghibli are one example of how seemingly otherworldly sights can feel unnervingly familiar. In much the same way, Yasuaki assembles wicked, characterful sounds and orders them to seek our most eager emotions.


A favourite: ‘Asate’

‘Kiren’ is FINALLY out now via @paltoflats

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