27/30 electronic house revisited review

luomo – vocalcity (2000)

‘Vocalcity’ is the sound of a glistening party at the turn of the millennium. This iconic record churned an emotional evolution in house music which emphasised laconic, but passionate narratives over precise electronic components. It said what Sugababes, Spice Girls, or Atomic Kitten used to, but palmed listeners off with frost rather than inviting them in as Posh might have. Luomo doesn’t trim the sighs from his vocalists and reaches a resonant honesty that undercuts his pop sheen. ‘Vocalcity’ melds shimmering melodies with stories of love being withheld, and places the alloy in a landscape of shoomping, ecstasy-riddled, elegant house.


A favourite: ‘Tessio’

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