30/30 reggae revisited review

sylford walker – lamb’s bread (1988)

‘Lamb’s Bread’ was recorded through the mid-to-late 70s, but had to wait ten years before being released due to promotion and cash flow issues. When the record arrived on the reggae market in 1988, it was received as a grainy snapshot of 70s roots—fossilised from a sombre, fundamentalist past. To the buyer, this was far from the silky smooth Marley, or the sweet dancehall love of Johnny Osbourne. Instead, Sylford Walker and producer Glen Brown showcased raw, God-fearing, forceful dub and this mighty LP is all the more thunderous for its unwavering devotions. Militant and anti-commercial, ‘Lamb’s Bread’ has assumed legendary status by all who listen and feel.


A favourite: ‘Eternal Day’

Originally released via @greensleevesrecords, ‘Lamb’s Bread’ was reissued and remastered in 2000 by Blood and Fire in a package that included fantastic deejayed and sung versions from Welton Irie.

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