22/30 indie/alternative rock

red pants – when we were dancing

Red Pants’ second LP lies, sonically, somewhere between early My Bloody Valentine and an undiscovered psychedelic gem from ‘67. The mixing is altogether rusty, but endearing and deliberate; the vocals, meanwhile, coast through with an effective grunge-y sway. ‘When We Were Dancing’ exudes the crude charm of a local band starting out, landing with intimacy and a compelling ‘slacker’ aesthetic. To their great credit, Red Pants never waiver their languid fundamentals: you can practically hear the slow flipping of cassettes and the drawled “this is our break, man”. Well, perhaps it should be. I wrestled with their bizarre sound. I made up my mind. I like it.


A favourite: ‘In the Passing Time’

‘When We Were Dancing’ is out now via @paisleyshirtrecords.

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