big thief – dragon new warm mountain i believe in you

On their most substantial project to date, Big Thief boomerang with experimentation, never once flying off. Every sound on this record is contained, but not repressed; expressed, not exhausted. Delicate, take-away philosophies condensate atop the music and it quickly becomes a deeply involving listen, asking politely to be heard and heard well. With eccentric, bruised vocals and dewy instrumentation, ‘NWDIBIY’ instils a natural salubrity that would convince the most Silicon of tech-jocks to flee to the woods for a week in hope of human restoration. For fans, this album will be an unrelenting delight. Adrienne Lenker is one of America’s great modern songwriters.


A favourite: ‘Sparrow’

‘New Warm Dragon I Believe in You’ is out now via @4ad .

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