24/30 compilation experimental folk

OKI – tonkori in the moonlight (1996-2006)

OKI has never seen a traditional tonkori player: “they were all dead when I started”. Had musical distribution then been as sophisticated as it is today, the tonkori may never have flirted so perilously with extinction. Just as we are lucky to have found his music, the instrument was lucky to have found OKI’s fingers. ‘Tonkori in the Moonlight’ features stunning synths, compelling vocal chants, and the angelic plucks of OKI’s playing. A love for music is palpable in the mountain range of genres and styles traversed: dub, Irish folk, and reggae are all invited to rejoice in the wonder. This is a necessary collection which reminds the music community to dig.


A favourite: ‘Afghan Herbal Garden’

‘Tonkori in the Moonlight’ is available now via @maisumdiscos

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