23/30 punk rock

traps ps – prim dicer

‘Prim Dicer’ begins with a single punch and doesn’t let up for 28 minutes. The fourteen tracks are invariably forceful, smart displays of punk that paint with the same brush as the LA trio’s clear influences – namely, The Clash and Tom Verlaine. In spite of the paternalistic relationship between this album and the late-70s ideals invoked, it is nonetheless refreshing to hear an album with such faith performed so cleanly. The attitude here is sizzling. As comfortably as any full length record, Prim Dicer’ knows it’s limits and fills itself with assertive personality, retaining a neat starkness while cramming as much punk in as possible. This is exactly how a band of three should do it.


A favourite: ‘Gear Costume’

‘Prim Dicer’ is out now via @mockrecords

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