giuliano sorgini – under pompelmo (1971)

Each of Giuliano Sorgini’s soundtracks and albums tell the story of a dramatic aesthete seeking to stir. The Italian keyboardist and library music icon possesses an enviable ear for fuzzy grooves and emotion-led instrumental narratives. On ‘Under Pompelmo,’ Sorgini incarnated the classic European cool of the early 70s: of turtlenecks, tortoiseshell sunglasses, and wobbling psychedelia. The basslines are simple but pronounced, constantly communicating with the hips while the drums inform the feet (go on, try it). Look to Sorgini’s ‘Lavore e tempo libero’ (1980) for a melodious, pre-vaporwave drift; stay right here, ‘Under Pompelmo’, if the sky is beginning to bruise and your pals are requesting funk.


A favourite: ‘Wandering Man’

Cover art by Sandro Symeoni.

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